Fall and the Metal Element

September has arrived and with it we move further into the season of fall. It is a time of hibernation, of inward growth, of becoming quieter and more contemplative. We are preparing for the winter, connecting with ourselves at a deeper level, and trusting in these connections to guide us safely through the coldest and perhaps harshest season of an approaching winter. The element associated with fall in Traditional Chinese Medicine is Metal. Metal is malleable yet strong. It is cool to the touch, and yet if it encounters heat it can transform its physical state. Metal is associated with the internal organ systems of the Lungs and Large Intestine. It correlates with the emotions of grief and sadness, and “letting go”. This year has been taxing for us as human beings. It has been a time of great change, conflict, and upheaval.  And yet also a time of great sadness. The ongoing pandemic primarily affects the respiratory system and lungs. The ongoing fires on the west coast are affecting the air quality and therefore weakening the lung systems once again. It is no surprise that we are experiencing a collective grief as a people, enduring the changes that we have been confronted with throughout this year. Grieving a way of life before the pandemic, grieving losses of loved ones or homes, grieving for our planet – all the while processing changes that are difficult to accept.  And yet, the metal element is transformative and in fall we will search inward to find our strengths. We must acknowledge that this time is more isolated, quiet, calmer, distant. It is a time to reflect, to let go of what is holding us back, and prepare for the winter and become stronger throughout this season. And with the long-awaited arrival of spring, new growth and life will prevail once again.

The season of the Metal element calls for a strengthening of our Lung system and immunity. It is calling for us to look deep within ourselves to transform, and in doing so we can alleviate stress and lift ourselves up out of grief. With the help of acupuncture, this can be accomplished and can provide a much-needed “reset” for our bodies and minds at this time. Balance can be achieved and provide a sense of mental clarity and focus, relief from pain, and a state of deep relaxation. When we continue to reflect and regenerate, along with keeping our health intact, the season of fall can be truly transformational and lustrous, like metal.

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